Black History Month 2023: What to Wear

February is Black History month! It's an annual event to celebrate and appreciate the vital role and achievements of black people in American history.

This exciting one-month event evolved from the Negro History Week which was established by Carter G. woodson in February 1926. And like in the United States, among others, the Black History Month is recognized in Canada with several activities at the national and grassroots level to commemorate the event.

With these various activities lined up for the black history month, you might be caught in the web of deciding what to wear. That's why Sirani’s Fashion has put together some exceptional and charming outfit ideas that will make you stand out this season.

Stunning Outfit Ideas For the Black History Month


african blazer


African blazer

This is an exceptional jacket that can be used to create many stunning outfit styles for different locations and occasions. The break-up sleeves makes it a special piece of African print apparel and provide a unique style that will make a difference in your wardrobe.

The Ana reversible mudcloth blazer fits neatly with a broad belt, but can also be left open when worn with your preferred t-shirt or blouse. See more details here



African dress

This cream and white (also available in white and black) African print dress is made from Spandex fabric and it's available in different length and sizes depending on your preference.

Just like the name, there's no restrictions when it comes to styling. This outfit can be worn in more than 25 distinct ways, thus giving you a distinct appearance anytime you wear it. Call it all-in-one outfit, it’s a perfect choice for a day or night event, weekend get-aways, parties and more. Without mincing words, this is the gown you need for the black history month event. Order now for yourself and loved one here.



pencil skirt

A beautiful knee-length stretchy pencil skirt with a zipper that can be on the lower back or the front. This African Print Pencil Skirt is a versatile piece that can pair with a wide range blouse styles and outfit ideas. When paired with the Ana Reversible Mudcloth Jacket, it create a memorable piece that leaves you with an irresistible look. Matching the Tara Stretchy African Print Skirt with high heels and a black t-shirt or a white blouse, is remarkable and will make you stand out at any of the black history month event you attend.


african skirts

    Don’t go for this unless you are made for the spotlight because this gorgeous pencil skirt will give you a classy and irresistible look when you rock it. A perfect preference for formal or relaxation-focused events. It always looks stunning on any physique types, you will love it. Like the Tara Stretchy African Print, the zipper can be worn in the lower back or the front.
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    Beautiful pieces Jewellry to compliment your outfit for the Black History Month


      Zila and Ziga Brass and Bone Earrings

      african jewelleries


      african jewellries

      Stand out with this beautiful jewelry pieces made from brass and bone. The Brass rings is unparalleled when it comes to its versatility and special designs. It will blend nicely with your favourite scarf and an easy black t-shirt or with a little black jumpsuit. The bone and brass earrings are available now in Ivory, Zebra print and Cow prints.

      Goddess Brass Choker

      african jewellries

      This jewelry piece will make you look like a queen. Its multi-layers and perfect fitting leaves trails of magnificence, elegance and class and can make a regular outfit to become spectacular. It carries an African Image, making it a perfect selection for the black history month event. More exciting is that it can be paired with everything. The brass choker is adjustable to suit your preference. A matching bracelet is also available.

      Dana Brass Bracelet

      african jewellries

      This jewelry piece was created with fantastic brass hardware. Its outsized stone exudes a specific appeal. Dana Brass Bracelet goes well with any of your casual outfits or with nighttime clothes to create a wow effect.

      See also, Lora brass bracelet: An attention-grabbing jewelry piece that will make you stand out when wore with denim and tank tops, etc.

      African jewellries

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