Sirani’s Fashion is an African-inspired fashion brand that aims to bring African designs and art to the forefront of the fashion industry.

Sirani's Fashion owner Fatim Sylla with models wearing African fashion

Founded by Fatim Sylla in 2020, Sirani’s Fashion is based in Toronto, Canada, but delves fully into the values of African fashion. From using traditional African prints to creating jewelry that represents African art and values, Sirani’s Fashion includes a piece of African culture in every piece.

Fatim Sylla traces her love of African fashion to her childhood, when she used to take vacations to the Ivory Coast. There, she started to appreciate the beautiful prints and designs, which would grow into a lifelong passion for fashion. However, Fatim didn’t just want to make any clothes, she wanted to bring the beautiful prints and designs she fell in love with into the spotlight.

As African fashion began to grow in recent years, Fatim saw her chance to enter the space and bring her dreams to reality. She wanted to do more than just sell clothes with African designs; she wanted to share her culture with Toronto and, by extension, the world.

Sirani’s Fashion was founded on the core values of authenticity, versatility, and diversity. The clothes must be authentic, staying true to their African heritage and designs. They must be versatile and accepting, suitable for people of all body shapes and sizes, and also suitable for people with different styling needs. Finally, they are diverse: Sirani’s offers casual to high fashion options in its collections.

In 2020, Fatim started designing her own collection, inspired by African prints and occidental designs. She started collaborating with tailors in Africa and in Toronto to bring the first Sirani’s Fashion collection of African dresses, blazers, jackets, jumpsuits, and headwraps to life.

Since then, Sirani’s Fashion has grown and now has a worldwide customer base. With each collection, Fatim aims to bring a piece of African culture to the wardrobes of each and every Canadian home and in the future, every home in the world.