Holiday Guide: Top Designs that will Make You Stand Out This Season

Shopping gift items for yourself and loved ones in a holiday season can be quite daunting if you do not know the right strings to pull. The right gift gives a warm feeling even to the Grinch. So, it's okay to get picky and end up confused on searching for that perfect gift.

Albeit, you should not be alone in this heart-searching quest. This holiday gift guide has been arranged in a way to give you a seamless shopping ride for sweet prices.

Sirani’s Fashion will ease the last minute tension of finding that perfect design or item as your gifts. You will be just in time to 'wow' your partner and loved ones with our heart-warming deals. Let us help you make great decisions as you may be losing time.

Sirani's Fashion Products: Top Best Sellers to have this season

Based on popular demand, we bring you some Sirani's Fashion Products from our best seller collection.

In a 'top to bottom' arrangement, this guide has been sectioned to  explain each design with very helpful tips.


These are simple clothing worn over or around the head. It's completely different from a head gear. It may be long or short but it is regularly light weighted.

Fabrics are important when it comes to head wrap because of where it's worn. Satin, cashmere and velvet are a few types of fabrics for the scarf head wrap, but an African head wrap stands out.

African prints are so beautiful and unique. It's literally a flavour in fashion. They are crafted to stunning designs of head wraps and the best is right here.

An African head wrap is the most thoughtful gift for any woman, African or not. This said because, though the print/head wrap have been a huge symbol for Africans, the international scene has generally embraced this piece as a fashion staple.

There was a time that head wraps were tied to religion and spirituality but it has taken a different twist. They are now worn for whatever reason, on almost any outfit, in any mood. Check out some outfits that goes well with head wraps here.

Head wraps could even be a mood lifter, when you're having a bad hair day. You can just wash, dry your hair and wear a skull cap over it, then step out looking awesome in Sirani’s irresistible head wraps.

Photoshoots, runways and parties are practically a home to African head wraps and headgears. There's no occasion this clothing can't handle, period.

There's a long and nostalgic story behind the African head wraps, but it's amazing how far it as come. Sirani fashion has got you covered with these breathtaking designs. See how to get beautiful head wraps here

It is so easy to wear in such a short time. There's no hassle to this beauty. See how to tie them  here 

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Top 3 Head wraps that will boost your appearance

1. Zita African print black mudcloth Turban:  A head wrap is a eye-catching, but this piece of art is crafted to get compliments showered on you. Its color and prints are so fascinating that it adds flair to any skin type. It is wired and long, and will wastes no time in letting you shine in your next event. Style with a matching dress or go simple with a top and jean. You'll look fab. It is pure bliss to gift this to you or yours.


2. Accra African print Kente wired head wrap+ Matching mask: Same as sprinkles on a cupcake, this piece of elegance can be that 'sprinkle' you need. The colours of this print makes it compliment a lot of other colours. It is wired to make it easy to wear and style effortlessly. What's fun is that it adds beautiful colour to your hair when worn. Let this be in your gift box this season.

3. Mali African print black mud cloth wired headwrap: This is another peculiar type of head wrap. It is simple and easy to wear too. Its eccentric and amazing design is noteworthy. It can be worn casually on a tee and jeans. For a more elegant look, style with accessories and a matching print dress. Jewelry or not, you will look dashing.


Two important pieces of jewelries to add to your collection this season

A piece of jewelry is generally an outfit enhancer. They can be gotten from nature and have been endeared by humans.

The bone jewelry is made with brass and camel bone. There's no animal cruelty. Camel is a delicacy in Kenya. A lovely gift for someone beautiful. Here are some creative and stylish designs;

  1. Zila brass and bone earrings: To make a statement, you don't go with just any kind of jewelry, especially earrings. This is a great gift for a fan of African jewelry. It has been crafted carefully to portray the rich African heritage. It is a fashion tool to take that simple outfit to a whole new level.


Standing opposite a mirror with this earring will give you tons of inspiration to curate styles from your closet. It comes in such expressive colours- Ivory, Zebra prints and Cow prints.

  1. Stella teardrop earrings:

If you've got an earring loving damsel around. You have found the perfect gift for her. I can only imagine the beautiful smile that will be glued to her face as soon as she discovers this gift. Beauty and ease are all over this piece.


Its simplicity works for all faces and types. It can turn a boring outfit into a cute look. Available in such simple colours- Ivory and black.


Ana reversible mudcloth blazer: Don't you just have the 'confidence and audacity aura' that comes with wearing a blazer. The Ana reversible mudcloth blazer is specially crafted to not just cloth you with confidence, but also to keep all eyes glued to your beauty. A perfect gift for a fashion icon. It has a unique slit sleeve second to none. It also has two sides and whichever you choose to wear can serve you for different occasions with little effort while styling appropriately.


Tara stretch African print pencil skirt: A single skirt with a lot of versatility. Its zipper worn either way makes getting different looks possible. Trust me, the limit to pairing this skirt exist only in your mind. With Tara stretch skirt, it's a new look, per wear, no repeats needed.


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A quick fashion tip

This Tara skirt, the Ana reversible blazer and the Stella teardrop earrings can not be a pass if you are a fashion queen. Either for you or her, you just found a gift box for a fashionista.


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