The Best Mother's Day Gift Guide: 10 Black-Owned Canadian Businesses to Support Online

Mother's Day is one of the few days in the year when you can lavish your mother with presents, and making it memorable is a top priority.  While you can’t appreciate your mother for all the love, care and sacrifices she has made, at least, you can make her feel special on this day and beyond.

Coming up with a gift for her can be cumbersome, albeit, with a love for motherhood and women, Sirani's fashion has compiled 10 black-owned Canadian businesses to offer you glamorous and sweet presents that will wow your mother. You can bet she didn’t see this coming. 

Do you want to soothe her skin with some oil? Level up her wardrobe? Or just want her to relax at a picnic with a cup of tea?

This Mother's Day, reciprocate your mama's love while supporting these amazing black-owned Canadian business owners. This shopper's guide is all you need to get the best gift for mother’s day.

1. SIRANI'S FASHION: Ana reversible mudcloth blazer.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Sirani's Fashion was established in 2020 and since then has delivered her exceptional products to different parts of the globe.

Seizing the opportunity of Africans being in the diaspora, Fatim Sylla brought a part of her culture to Toronto by designing her own collection inspired by African prints and occidental designs. 

zila brass and bone earrings
The Ana reversible mudcloth blazer and Zila earrings are a great Mother's Day gifts. They are versatile pieces that allows your mum to wear different looks. Curate a complete African look for your mum. She's a Queen! She's worthy of being crowned.


2. LOVE & NUDES: Lynma Crossover Comfort Bra Cotton and Natasha Hi-Rise Cotton Espresso Empress 

Canada's first black-owned skin-tone bra was created here. Chantal says she was motivated by the glaring absence and misrepresentation of everyday products for women of colour. She developed the brand Love & Nudes with love for the melanin sisters.

Love and nudes


Chantel also promises extra comfort and zero stress from the Lynma Crossover Comfort Bra.

3. Cup of Té: Cup of Té Luxe Organic Tea Set (Oprah's Favorite Things 2020) & Midnight Scoop

This is definitely a business to shop from if you want to create a gift box for your mum.

Oprah knows tea! This specialty curated set of six organic and ethically sourced teas should be on everyone’s gift list this year (especially when your mum loves to relax with a cup of tea) with decaf blends, including Noms Berry Delight, which has notes of tart raspberries, and Zesty Lemon Ginger.

Your mum also needs the perfect scoop for her cup. Choose between reflective gold, rose gold, silver, majestic rainbow, or midnight to find the look that best fits your style, or dress up your kitchen with both. The durable stainless steel scoop features a modern, extra-long handle that doubles as a handy clip for your tea or coffee bag.

Cup of Te


4. TWEAK: Goddess necklace & Goddess choker

Caroline's tweak celebrates an expressive, fabulous, and unique woman. Working with brass and silver, she's created these thinking of your mum's favourite colours. 

Your mum will shower you with kisses, opening her mother's day gift box to see her favorite colours on a piece of jewelry. 


Unique mother gift


5. ANNALAY: Allura Stud Drop Earrings

Created in 2013, By Annalay is a family company that centres around personal self-empowerment. This black-owned Canadian business focuses on the woman who wants it all and accepts that the journey is just as important as the destination. Also, she is set on looking and feeling her best on that journey! Your mum's been through quite a journey. Celebrate her achievements with these super cute earrings.


 Hot jewellery


6. The Cherry Gardens: CG X Rachel Joanis tee & CG X Rachel Joanis tote 

Cherry Gardens was founded in 2018 by Myla Davey. She says they're inspired by this feeling—the comfort of nostalgia. Luxe yet laidback, our lounge sets are made from ultra-soft fabrics and minimal silhouettes, reminiscent of a simpler time and designed to flatter all body shapes and sizes. 



This loungewear is mindfully designed to make your mum feel as good as she looks. She's good to go when she's made plan with the girls. See more.



7. Elle Bianca—For the mum who cares

Evelyne’s life’s work as an environmental scientist and chemist, an African-Canadian woman, and a proud mother, and was established as a means to make an important difference that is powerful and sustainable.

Gift for mother


All mums have a certain way of caring for everyone, but sometimes they forget to add themselves to the list. With this gorgeous duo, extend that touch of care to your mum and allow her to remember that it’s good to take a moment for herself. She will be able to indulge in the floral essence of our Rose Petal and Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap while soothing the skin with the relaxing aroma of our Lavender Skin Oil. 


8. ESSENTIALS BY TEMI: Soothing Elixir oil & Mini Facial Essentials Duo

Essentials by TEMI was created with luxury and wellness in mind—to assist others with finding balance with their daily well-being regimen-physically, spiritually, and socially. 

Mama deserves a self-care package as a gift for the holidays. The soothing elixir and facial duo will not only nourish her skin, but also promote balance in her mind, body, and soul.


Essential oils

9. PABA COSMETICS: Concealer

Paba Cosmetics is a 100% cruelty-free makeup line created for women of diverse skin tones. Has your mum been struggling with finding the right concealer? This is the best business to shop at to make your mum's heart bless you when she's about to do a makeover. 


Paba comestics


10. MELISSA FALCONER: Toni Morrison PRINT & Michelle Obama PRINT

A self-taught visual artist from Toronto. As a black woman, she has seen and experienced how societal obstacles can negatively affect the mindsets of those who are targeted by oppression and discrimination. By creating inspirational pop art paintings, she hopes to motivate people to feel empowered, represented, hopeful, confident, and loved.


Art work for mother's day toni morrison print by melissa falconer

The sunflower print is a warm and soul-lifting gift for your mum. A note could also go along with it, noting how she stood strong when times were rough, which would certainly bring a full smile from her lips. I mean, who would not smile even while looking at this print? Certainly no one! Select your preferred design here.


Which of these black-owned Canadian businesses do you intend to shop at? Let me know in the comments.